15+ Windows 8 Shortcut Keys with Screenshots

Windows 8 Developer Preview is already released so if you want to give it a try then download Windows 8 Developer Preview and install it. Meanwhile, you can check out the Latest Windows 8 Screenshots. Read this article to know about the new features of Windows 8.

Once you have installed Windows 8 then use the following Windows 8 shortcut keys which will really ease down your efforts while using their completely new features.

1. Use Windows key+D to switch from window start page to windows 8 desktop and then windows key to move from windows 8 desktop to widgetized windows 8 start screen.

2. Windows Key + Spacebar – Switch input language and keyboard layout

3. Windows Key + Y – Temporarily peek at the desktop

It will show you windows 8 desktop but it’s temporarily. Use this shortcut to entertain yourself. :)

4. Windows Key + O – Locks device orientation

5. Windows Key + (Pause / Break) – Opens System property.

6. Windows Key + V – Cycles through toasts

7. Windows Key + Shift + V – Cycles through toasts in reverse order

8. Windows Key + Enter – Launches Narrator

Press anywhere and Windows 8 will launch Narrator for you.

9. Ctrl + Page Down – Moves tiles to the right

If you are on windows start page then use this shortcut and it will move your till from left to right.

10. Ctrl + Page Up – Moves tiles to the left

To go back to left, use ctrl+ page up key.

11. Windows Key + F – Opens File Search App

Use this shortcut to search anything. Just start typing in the search box and it will display the related items under drop down. Select any and then it will show you details in left side box.

12. Windows Key + C – Opens Charms Bar

Using Win + C, you can find other options like settings, share & Search. This shortcut will work differently for both type of welcome screen. Just try it out and during this, you will learn many other shortcuts.

13. Windows Key + I – Opens Settings charm

Using settings charm, you can check and perform any setting if required.

14. Windows Key + Q – Opens Search pane

Using this shortcut to open search apps pane and then search your favorite apps.

15. Windows Key + W – Opens Settings Search app

You can search the settings related to apps.

16. Windows Key + Z – Opens App Bar

If you have opened any app in Windows 8 then use this shortcut to open the bar for that specific app.


So, these are the 15+ Windows 8 Shortcut keys which you should use to save lots of time while use that time to try something else. Kindly share the shortcuts which are not yet listed here. I will add them in the list.


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