Best Sites Portals For Ordering Buying Books Online

If you are searching for websites or online portals, where you can order books online, just relax. You have landed at the right place. What follows is a list of all such online bookstores. This list is my no means exhaustive, but covers most of the popular and reliable ones.
If you are looking to buy used/second-hand books at almost throw-away prices, followings websites/portals  can help you.
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  1. Is it safe to do online purchase for books? I means will they deliver it on time or not?

  2. Thanks Narendra for your comments. Yes, its safe to purchase books online. So far I have personally tried flipkart indiaplaza landmark and on all the occasions delivery was as promised at the time of purchase. In fact on couple of occasions, these portals offer discount, which you may not get, when you to retailers. Although online shopping for high end products is still in very early stage, the one targeting books is definitely on a grow.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to share your personal experiences on BlogDefined

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