Facebook Launches Subscribe Button for Following Anyone’s Public Profile or Fan Page

Facebook has brought in a new feature to millions of its users. Facebook is trying out new things very quickly. Since it has developed very fast with more than 750 million users, it always comes up with new quirky things. Now Facebook’s recent update is that its adds a ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button to your profile or fan page. This button basically enables you to allow users, anyone on Facebook for that matter to subscribe to your profile updates.

In simple words, Facebook allows anyone with to Facebook account to listen to your updates without being your friend.

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HOW TO: Activated Facebook Subscribe button?

The activation is pretty simple, all you need to do is follow: Facebook subscription page link : https://www.facebook.com/about/subscribe

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Just click “Allow Subscribers”, and you are almost done. From that instant you will see another button in your profile right next to your “Add Friend”. Anyone on Facebook can subscribe to your updates.

So, why this update from Facebook? Its observed that many people with Facebook account are business associates or marketing people, and its just not possible to have share everything with your follower unless you have a dedicated fan page. A simple remedy, have ‘Subscribe’ Button just for your profile. Not everybody have a Facebook fan page? Do you have one? So, it would be simpler if the people just subscribe to your updates without being a friend of yours. Looking from the people’s perspective, it also advantageous as user will hesitate to send a request to you as he/she might not know you well, and ambiguity of whether or not you would accept the friend request.

Couple of Benefits from having a Subscribe button:

  • First and the foremost you can share your updates instantly with your subscribers, are setting are possible to have your subscribers comment on your update. So, if you are a politician then this button is a must for you. So, that you can share things with your people. Or if your are a popular person in your environment say college, then you can have your friends and friends of other universities to have you subscribed for.
  • You can only fetch public updates through this subscribe button. You can as well subscribe to any user if its enabled. I’m not sure, why a Facebook is updating its privacy setting as users can share public posts and keep some private post to the profile friends.

So, what do you think? Have you enabled Facebook Subscription button? Did you like this new feature from Facebook?

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