How to Use Gmail Google Docs & Calendar without Internet Connection

Do you know you can use Gmail, Google Docs & Google calendar of without an internet connection? Yes, you heard it right! Without an Internet Connection. It means you can read your emails if there is no internet access with you.

Gmail have come up with an offline app using which you can read, respond to emails, organize the existing mail or even can archive the emails without an internet connection. It’s a HTML 5 powered app based on gmail web apps for tablet. So, once you will open this app on your system, the layout will look similar to your tablet as shown below.

To enjoy using Gmail, Google Docs or Google Calendar with no internet connection, you have to install this official Gmail offline app.

You have to login to your Gmail account before using this app. Once you have logged into your google account then open the above google offline app and then click on add to chrome button. Once you have installed this app then it will show a small chrome icon in your taskbar.

Click on the chrome icon from your taskbar and select offline Google Mail option. It will open a setting page which will look like the following screenshot.

Select the option and click on continue button. Now you can, any time use Gmail without an internet connection by clicking on this Gmail offline icon.

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